Workflow Update for DocuWare Mobile

By Katja Leonhardt 

EN_Mobile_Update.pngWith DocuWare Mobile, you can always keep your document workflows in motion – even while traveling. Access your workflow tasks and all your stored documents from anywhere. The update of DocuWare Mobile makes it even easier to use workflows.Aside from improved details, the new update of DocuWare Mobile contains expanded support for workflows when used with DocuWare Version 6.9. It’s available for iOS and Android. The Windows version will be following shortly. DocuWare Mobile is now in its third generation. With the app, you can directly take part in document-based workflows with a smartphone. It’s particularly handy for accounting workflows with tight deadlines, such as invoice authorizations: you then benefit from early payment discounts when invoices are approved for payment in a timely fashion.

All workflow tasks are displayed in a simple, well-organized way on your smartphone:

 But this is a powerful tool for many applications, certainly not just invoicing workflows. Everything from researching in a central document pool to storing digital documents from any source or app to complex workflow tasks, including escalation management and delegation plans are all part of the picture.

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