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Accounting and Finance Management Solutions


Our Perceptive Software based Accounting and Financial Management solutions speed up workflows and reduce manual tasks in accounting and finance departments. Perceptive Intelligent Capture, powered by Brainware, accurately sorts paper and electronic documents based on their content, allowing true accounts payable process automation. Document management in accounting and finance gives users fast, secure access to invoices and supporting information. It all adds up to better functionality — for your staff and your existing systems.

Process and Content Management Solutions for Human Resources


Our Perceptive Software based human resources software simplifies daily HR tasks. HR process management tracks tasks and documents as they’re completed. HR document management gives your staff instant access to documents whenever they’re needed. And it all integrates smoothly with your HRIS and other HR solutions for recruiting, onboarding and performance.

Process and Content Management Solutions for Contracts Management


Our Perceptive Software based solutions for contract management cover a range of uses. Organizations that need to simplify contract management and renewal can rely on our contract management solution. It allows users to track milestone information, specific data on terms and conditions, and make that information easily accessible to authorized users. For point-of-sale contracts, our sales agreement solution enables users to complete the process without printing, routing and manually validating signed paper.

Document imaging products from Perceptive offer highly intuitive features that help users collect all of their valuable information assets:

Distributed Capture

  • Capture documents on demand from virtually any input device in any location
  • Empower early information capture so users and processes benefit right away
  • Automatically monitor and import email, files on the network and faxes
  • Convert data and print streams into readable documents to improve usability
  • Apply bar codes, patch codes and OCR/ICR for sophisticated processing
  • Ensure high quality images with advanced cleanup technologies

Automated Indexing and Linking

  • Automatically attach perfect metadata for fast, accurate content retrieval
  • Link information automatically to related business applications and transactions
  • Easily index content with unique requirements using unlimited metadata options

High Volume and Ad-Hoc

  • Utilize high-volume document scanning devices and process large data files and print streams
  • Capture single documents directly from MFPs, desktop scanners or PCs
  • Collect large volumes of information from geographically dispersed locations
Perceptive Intelligent Capture, powered by Brainware, accurately sorts paper and electronic documents based on their content, lifts critical information based on its context, validates it, and seamlessly passes it to your core business applications. Our underlying, proprietary technology abandons traditional template- and rules-based approaches to data capture in favor of advanced pattern-recognition techniques that work like the human mind.

Some of the largest brands in the world rely on Intelligent Capture’s unmatched capabilities to automate their business processes:

Business Process Support

  • Speed invoice processing from days or weeks to mere hours through AP automation
  • Reconcile remittances in seconds instead of hours or days in accounts receivable
  • Automate the identification and matching of healthcare EOBs and claims data
  • Extract 90 percent or more of the data needed to process mail automatically
  • Convert customer orders into revenue faster by eliminating manual data entry
  • Apply automation benefits to other departments, such as human resources

Technology Advancements

  • Classify or sort documents based on content without bar codes or other document identifiers
  • Capture data from complex documents based on context without templates, keywords, zones or anchors
  • Read and extract line-item detail from tables regardless of length or layout
  • Use fuzzy, fault-tolerant validation to automatically ensure accuracy of data before passing it to back-end systems

Platform and Application Integration

  • Integrate with virtually any enterprise resource planning (ERP), content management (ECM), data management (DMS), departmental and business system without disruption
  • Get the system up and running in days or weeks, generating ROI with page one on day one
  • Handle different document and file types, in different languages, across different departments
  • Take advantage of Perceptive’s integration framework that uses the data to initiate transactions inside business applications

Cloud-Based Intelligent Capture

  • Utilize intelligent data capture capabilities in the cloud, by way of Microsoft’s open and flexible platform, Windows Azure
  • Leverage all the benefits in an on-demand, self-service model — with no upfront costs; fast and easy startup; anywhere, anytime access and unrivaled scalability
  • Meet or exceed the level of security once reserved for internal IT, offering unparalleled data protection while still processing millions of documents per day

Reporting and Analytics

  • Better enforce controls and protocols, as well as demonstrate compliance with regulations
  • Provide real-time insight and analysis into capture processing with Visibility for Perceptive Intelligent Capture; gain immediate access to metrics and key performance indicators
  • Use our reports and dashboards to deliver comprehensive, detailed views of key processing steps
With ECM, it’s possible to direct and control the entire lifecycle of your documents, video and other forms of unstructured content — whether they reside on premises or in the cloud — while protecting them and keeping you in compliance with the latest rules and regulations

  • Annotation and Redaction
  • Collaboration and Version Control
  • Workflow, Routing and Approval
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Records Management
  • Secure Storage
  • Auditing
  • Disposition-final action taken
With Perceptive Software enterprise content management, you get the precise information you need, when and where you need it, regardless of the context:

  • Familiar applications: Beyond dedicated ECM clients, your information is accessible from the you use most.
  • User roles: Who you are is what you see—and route, sign, edit, delete and more.
  • Platforms and devices: Whether it’s a desktop computer, laptop, mobile device, printer, digital file output or electronic link to other systems, there are no limits to the places your information can be easily located and accessed.

Access also includes comprehensive capabilities and flexible options.

Perceptive fully supports enterprise content management solutions—and fuses them with advanced process management capabilities, dramatically increasing the value of both toolsets.

Perceptive’s e-forms products make electronic data capture quick and simple, empowering your operation to gather the information needed to simplify virtually any task. Customizable forms fit right where you need them so anyone — employees, customers, even non-system users — can complete and submit information one time, effortlessly.

E-forms products from Perceptive Software offer the following features that enable seamless, secure electronic data capture to support your business routines:

User Experience

  • Enable anyone to submit forms and data, even customers and external users
  • Attach documents to a form, sending them directly into the content repository
  • Use formulas and database values to validate and augment form data
  • Customize the layout of a form based on the user’s role
  • Complete forms online or offline and from mobile devices like iPad and iPhone
  • Enhance any process requiring signatures with support for digital signatures

Data Options

  • Collect data entered in the form or pulled automatically from other sources
  • Streamline processes by validating and correcting information electronically
  • Enhance workflow using collected forms to route information intelligently
  • Store, organize and manage forms independently like any other document
  • Share captured forms data with external business systems
  • Integrate data with any database via ODBC, JDBC or standard web services

Forms Design

  • Create standards-based forms easily using intuitive design tools
  • Build forms using mainstream web technologies like HTML, XSLT and CSS
  • Convert paper forms into electronic replicas, keeping their original structure
  • Publish forms to websites, intranets and portals directly from the forms designer
  • Design forms once and then use them anywhere, even on mobile devices
  • Lock forms and field data and protect forms with built-in encryption

Forget about ECM or BPM or case management — at the end of the day, it all comes down to two things, content and context. Whether you’re operating an AP or HR department, student admissions office or patient finance group, documents and other unstructured content fuel the daily business activities that drive your business forward. Perceptive Software takes that content (in whatever its format) and delivers it instantly in the context of your specific business processes, applications and people.

The result? A direct and effortless connection to the precise information you need at the moment you need it, wherever you are—so you can work smarter, faster and hassle-free.

Paper-based signature processes are inefficient, increasing cycle times and creating barriers to getting documents signed. With Perceptive eAuthorize, an electronic signature software solution, users outside your Perceptive workflow can participate in document review and approval, and use e-signatures to sign with all the legal authority of “wet ink” but without the cumbersome and time-consuming tasks of printing, faxing, mailing, and manually validating signed paper.

Built on the workflow experience of Perceptive Software and the technical expertise of AssureSign, an industry leader in electronic signature software, eAuthorize brings your customers, partners, and employees into a fully automated solution that speeds the signing process and securely routes documents to the proper recipients using an electronic signature.

Features of eAuthorize, our electronic signature software, include:

  • Secure document distribution, with options for parallel or sequential signing
  • Access via any valid email address and internet connection
  • Protected delivery via a secure HTTP connection
  • Automatic notification for instant and proactive visibility into the status of e-signatures
  • Identity verification with knowledge-based authentication
  • Complete audit history for review or archiving
  • Data field validation
  • Flexible hardware options for e-signatures


Retention Policy Management

  • Quickly define time- and event-based document retention policies with multiple phases
  • Manage and track electronic and physical documents in a single system
  • Generate a certificate of destruction and produce a chain of custody
    Automated Dispositions

Automated Dispositions

  • Destroy, transfer to storage (online/nearline/offline) or retain data permanently
  • Require a user, or users in a set order, to approve transfers or destruction

Secure Legal and Audit Holds

  • Easily create holds that prevent the modification or deletion of information
  • Maintain instant accessibility and provable integrity of document content

Records and information management (RIM) products from Perceptive Software ensure that management and retention policies for all your content are being followed uniformly throughout your organization.

Business process management automates your daily workflows through a thoughtful combination of software and expertise that tightly integrates with and extends your enterprise applications without compromising their integrity. And far from being a one-time exercise, it simply becomes a part of how you do business—a continuous cycle of improvement for any process in your organization.

Process Discovery

Process Discovery illuminates the reality of your processes, exposing bottlenecks in both people and technology that disrupt the flow of productivity. Perceptive Process mining will give you a fact-based head start on problem resolution.

Process Design

Process Design uses the insight you’ve gained to model your processes for better results. Perceptive process modeling gives you everything you need to rethink your processes. Perceptive process documentation provides the tools needed to publish the processes you've designed, to make everyone understand the impact of their work on the work of others and how they add value to organizational goals.

Process Execution

Process Execution delivers the processes you’ve modeled to a desktop or a mobile device as user-ready applications. Perceptive’s content-based workflow supports your organization in structuring your processes, maximizing the number of transactions your team is able to process, direct, approve and complete. With its more flexible and agile case management approach, Perceptive provides the optimized process support knowledge workers need to get their work done in the most efficient way—while keeping an overview of everything their customers need.

Process Monitoring

Process Monitoring and Improvement allows you to make quick adjustments and adapt to changes the future may throw your way. Perceptive process analytics provides immediate insight into your current operations with the ability to immediately act on unbalanced workloads or operational disturbances, and to identify and analyze operational problems to find their root cause.

Whether it’s reducing a process from fifteen actions to six, responding to the exceptions that are simply a part of real life, or automating manual steps to gain control and visibility where previously there was none—process management is key to making sure your enterprise applications perform.

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