DocuWare Document Management Solution for Small & Medium Sized Businesses

DocuWare Intelligent Indexing Service Revolutionizes Paper Storage


DocuWare’s Intelligent Indexing is a web-based service that automatically captures the most important metadata from your scanned documents. The system quickly learns from feedback, so that recommended index words for known document types can be automatically and reliably assigned. Designed for small to medium businesses that process hundreds of documents a month, Intelligent Indexing Service automatically captures precise pieces of information from scanned documents, turning unstructured info into a valuable resource.

Improved Efficiency with Parallel Tasks


With Workflow Manager, you can manage parallel tasks within one workflow. For example, the employees of an insurance firm process a range of applications every day. As they are in different offices in different locations, they were not able to assign applications in order to the next available agent. With Workflow Manager, every employee has an individual task list in front of them with all of the applications. As soon as an employee selects a task and a related decision from his list, the task is blocked in the task list of all other employees. This ensures that only one person works on a task, and all applications are processed.

DocuWare Easily Integrates Into Third-Party Applications


Smart Connect reads words directly from a third-party application user interface and then uses them as search or index words in DocuWare. Documents relating to a data record opened in the third-party application are easy to call up in DocuWare – using a button displayed in the third-party application. It is just as easy to import words as index terms for documents that you want to archive in DocuWare.

DocuWare organizes your information for you according to priorities, categories, labels or search terms that you determine. Once you’ve scanned a paper document or received a digital form or record — i.e., you’ve “captured” the information — files gets automatically stored for fast, easy accessibility. And greater productivity and profitability, up and down the line.

With DocuWare managing your information, your company can streamline virtually every process, because everyone has access to the data they need, when they need it. Bottom line: your employees can devote more of their time to the work they were hired to do. And less to paperwork.

With DocuWare, you can instantly check on the status of any document at the click of a few keys: who’s worked on it and where it stands. Track the document’s history. Compare versions. Make sure everyone who was supposed to see it, did. And move it along smoothly through the pipeline.. 

Integrate virtually any application into your DocuWare Document Management System. Your ERP, inventory-management or accounting program. Your Microsoft SharePoint Server or SAP. Even your email program.Access documents archived in your DocuWare system right from the business applications you’re already using.

With DocuWare, you can have your vendors, customers or employees log onto web-portal to access the documents that they are authorized to view, update or approve.

In Accounting

To keep up with documentation needs and retention schedules, it's virtually impossible to manage a
modern day accounting department without document management. DocuWare offers several
advantages: significantly less search time, space savings, efficient matching & approval process.

In Human Resources

Resumés, contracts, transfers, recommendations, salaries, expense reports, vacation requests – that’s just the tip of the paperwork iceberg managed by a Human Resources department. And all of these critical documents must be edited, stored and retrieved in a way that is quick & reliable.

In Purchasing

DocuWare archives documents including invoices, product specs and delivery slips in one central document pool. You can compare proposals and products with a few clicks. It’s also an excellent way to simplify and speed up your invoice authorization process, improving the overall quality of your data.

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