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Automated Capture, Content Management, Process Automation with ERP Integration for Small-to-Medium Businesses as well as Enterprise Wide Applications. Accounting, Procurement, HR, Compliance & more

DocuWare Document Management Solution for Small & Medium Sized Businesses

With DocuWare we can help you achieve greater process efficiency by enabling you to find all relevant information related to a transaction including paper documents, emails, files and data right from your ERP system with just a few clicks, resulting in significant savings.

Perceptive Enterprise Content Management Solutions for Medium & Large Businesses

With Perceptive Software from Lexmark, we bridge the gap between your enterprise applications and the processes and information they don’t manage, giving you the visibility and control you need to improve financial performance, reduce risk and ensure future flexibility.

eGennaker ASSENT Solutions Delivery Framework delivers success.. every time!

Whether it’s a large enterprise wide application, a departmental solution or a small business solution, our well proven ASSENT Solutions Delivery Framework ensures successful projects, minimizing costs & business interruptions while ensuring fast user-adoption.

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DocuWare Virtual Printer

With DocuWare Printer, you can archive your documents as you print — all well-organized and even indexed with keywords. How does it work? It’s so easy! From any application, you simply select DocuWare Printer from your printer list. The rest is automatic: paper output on one side, indexing and storage of an electronic version on the...

Perceptive Software Story Part 3

Perceptive Software Story Part 3

Perceptive Software Story Part 2

Perceptive Software Story Part 2

Perceptive Software Story Part 1

Perceptive Software Story Part 1

Perceptive Intelligent Capture for Transcripts

Perceptive Intelligent Capture improves transcript processing accuracy, helping institutions realize operational efficiencies that result in greater student and staff...

Content in Context

Perceptive Software ECM products and solutions cut through the chaos, putting the precise documents and information you need right in front of you, wherever you are, whatever your business context. So you can work faster, smarter and worry-free. That’s content in...

Doing More with Less

Are you challenged to do more with fewer resources

DocuWare Intelligent Indexing

DocuWare’s Intelligent Indexing automatically captures the most important metadata from your scanned documents. The system quickly learns from feedback, so that recommended index words for known document types can be automatically and reliably...

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